Local SEO Booster

Enhance Local Engagement with Optimized Location Listings

Transform local search platforms such as maps, voice assistants, GPS applications, and directories into powerful marketing tools.

Efficiently update and coordinate your store's operating hours, menu offerings, contact details, and other critical information across approximately 70+ global services, ensuring that potential customers discover and select your business during their search.

Showcase your business at its best


Businesses that maintain fully optimized location listings experience a 51% increase in clicks from local searches

Handle your content with assurance

An extensive and varied network

Google Maps. Apple Maps. Amazon Alexa. Bing Places. Waze. Your business profile is visible on numerous local search rankings throughout the internet — and maintaining accurate information about your business could entail substantial manual labor.

We have pioneered a revolutionary approach to managing your business listings: through developing direct integrations with search engines worldwide and across various industries.

In-depth Integrations

With our program, the advantage extends beyond the extensive reach of our network — you also gain the assurance that your most recent information is actually seen by people.

Rather than juggling multiple logins or merely transmitting data with hopes of its display, our integrations allow you to update information in real-time.

Content Rich Listings

Your business encompasses more than just its name, address, and phone number — yet often, that's the limit of what local citation services can handle.

With Easy360, you're empowered to enrich your listings with a broad array of content, from logos and photos to details like delivery options, split hours, appointment requirements, and much more.

Update Once, Sync Everywhere

The hassle of logging into every individual site for updates is a thing of the past. Just modify your business information within our platform and see your details automatically refresh across all your listings.

Gain Insight into Overall Search Rankings Performance

Handling your location listings involves more than just distributing information. Our direct integrations also retrieve data, providing you with a complete perspective on your local SEO.

Monitor metrics such as search impressions, clicks, and conversions to gauge the business impact of your listings.

70+ Integrations

Schedule Updates

Duplicate Suppression

Google Q&A

  • Sync your business listings across multiple online platforms to achieve immediate SEO benefits for your business.

  • Update your address, phone number, business hours, and other essential details all from a single platform. Avoid having to update individually across all platforms.

  • Enhance your online presence with our duplicate listing suppression service. We streamline your business information across platforms, eliminating incorrect or redundant listings to ensure customers find accurate details.

  • Maximize engagement on your Google Business profile with our Q&A management service. We monitor and respond to customer queries promptly, ensuring accurate information and enhanced interaction with your audience.

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